Hosted PBX Office Phone System Benefits

For small to mid-size business owners who are looking for a professional phone system without making a corporate level investment, Hosted PBX has become a compelling option.  A spin-off of popular VoIP technology, the benefits of hosted PBX vs. a traditional phone system have many businesses jumping to make the switch.  What makes Hosted PBX a better choice for small to mid-size businesses?  Hosted PBX is completely hosted by a VoIP provider, meaning that they operate your phone system and perform all of the necessary maintenance on it.  The benefits of hosted PBX and traditional phone systems are important for small to mid-size business owners who are looking for the most cost effective way to maintain professional communications throughout the organization, no matter where employees are located. PBX Phone System

Since Hosted PBX is run offsite, employees can easily telecommute from any location, while still having the ability to conduct conference calls, check voicemail and even have a virtual receptionist to greet callers.  It’s the easiest way to have a corporate phone setup without the need for a large physical workspace or in-house maintenance team.  In addition to the high level of flexibility and versatility that Hosted PBX offers over traditional phone systems, these types of cloud-based VoIP services offer the following benefits:

  • Notable cost savings upon implementation and throughout ongoing use of the services, thanks to low upfront costs to start using Hosted PBX and no need to maintain expensive equipment or infrastructure.
  • Easily grow a remote team since Hosted PBX lets employees work from anywhere – even overseas.
  • Instantly build credibility with local virtual phone numbers in areas where you may not have an office, but where you want to have a presence.
  • Highly adaptable to growth, Hosted PBX systems are easily scalable, so business owners are never limited to a certain number of users on one system.
  • When it comes to small business telecommunications, nothing is easier or faster to implement than a Hosted PBX solution.  Unlike a traditional phone system, there are no phone lines to install or complicated equipment to set up.

Hosted PBX can be used with the equipment that businesses are likely already using, include cell phones, current VoIP service and smartphone apps, and since the service is designed to be incredibly user friendly, it’s easy to get users up and running fast.  Hosted PBX is easy to customize with your own auto-attendant, supports multiple physical offices and offers a large number of features that can be incredibly helpful to small to mid-size businesses who want the most professional option for their telecommunications needs.  When you want the best without having the make a major investment in infrastructure and expensive equipment, choosing Hosted PBX over traditional phone services is a sound business decision.  It’s the easiest, fastest and most affordable way to get your business up and running, with professional telecommunications services that you never have to worry about.