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Conference Calling Services

Conference calling services aren’t all the same, which is why it pays to do your homework when looking for a new service provider.  There can be big differences in what types of services are offered, in addition to the quality that each company provides, so take the time to ask a few questions about the different conference calling services that are out there.  It’s the best way to ensure that you get exactly the services you want at a price that you can afford.



Conference call Services – What to Look for

The first question to ask any company that offers conference calling services is what kind of customer service do they provide?  Customer service is critical, as businesses rely on getting their conference calls up and running when they need them, without having to wait on hold for a service that doesn’t care about their customers.  Be sure to ask about response times and what kind of customer service is provided, as you want to be able to reach someone right away via phone or email in case of problems during a conference call.  Keep in mind that having to wait around on hold is just time and money wasted for the business, so it pays to select a provider who provides quality customer services to each of it’s clients.


It’s also important to look at what types of conference calling services are offered by different vendors.  If you’ll need the ability now or later on down the road to host online presentations, hold video calls or invite large numbers of listeners to join in, it’s a good idea to get it earlier rather than waiting for after an expansion.  The busiest time for a new business isn’t the best time to go searching for conference calling services, so plan ahead and adapting to growth won’t be a problem.


Perhaps one of the most important questions to ask any conference calling provider is whether or not they guarantee line capacity.  Many conference calling services are guilty of overscheduling calls, causing downtime and out of service messages to callers.  This is unacceptable for any type of business, so be sure to ask vendors about their conference bridge capacity.  Also, ask about added features like live call control for managing calls while they are happening and other extras that can be added on as a part of your regular service.


It is possible to find conference calling services within your budget when you compare quotes and services offered from the different vendors that are out there.  Always ask about what kind of guarantees are offered in terms of reliability and up time for conference calls, and be sure to check out for any hidden monthly fess or minimum use charges.  Also, ask about any costs associated with signing up or cancelling before a certain period of time has passed.  If a conference calling service doesn’t meet up to your expectations even though you have done your homework and researched them, you don’t want to deal with a tricky contract that you may not be able to get out of.